Shakeel Ahmed Meer

From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact

From a modest background in AJK to a renowned global entrepreneur, Shakeel Ahmed Meer’s journey is a testament to perseverance and ambition. His early fascination with science led him from engineering studies in Lahore to advanced education in Glasgow. Despite long hours and challenges, his relentless drive and entrepreneurial spirit culminated in a significant business breakthrough, setting the stage for his future successes. This narrative underlines Meer’s unwavering commitment to realizing his vision.

Shakeel Ahmad Meer

Meer's Portfolio

Shakeel Ahmed Meer orchestrates a harmonious blend of business sectors ranging from renewable energy to digital marketplaces. Each venture, guided by a shared ethos of sustainability and innovation, reflects a concerted effort to influence global markets positively.

Wheels Beast


Wheels Beast, a proud member of Meer’s Automotive Cluster, redefines your car buying journey with unparalleled choice and convenience. Discover your perfect ride with us, where quality and customer satisfaction drive everything we do.


Meer Automotive


Meer Automotive, a key enterprise under the Meer Group umbrella, redefines the automotive experience with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, we drive the future of mobility.
Muashir Real Estate Investments
Muashir Real Estate Investments, part of the esteemed Meer Group, stands at the forefront of property investment innovation. We specialize in creating lucrative opportunities and delivering exceptional value in the dynamic real estate market.
Pakzon UAE


Under the dynamic umbrella of Meer Group, Pakzon stands out as a beacon of e-commerce mastery. Join us for transformative training that opens new horizons in the digital marketplace.
Metasouq Phygital Hybrid Marketplace


Discover exceptional value and quality at Metasouq Phygital Hybrid Marketplace, where the Meer Group’s commitment to excellence shines through in every purchase you make.

Salt n Souls, a distinguished branch of Meer Group, offers an exquisite range of Himalayan salt lamps and bespoke salt room installations with an aim of creating serene spaces for relaxation and rejuvenation in your very own home

Fairtech Services

Fairtech Services, an integral part of Meer Group, offers cutting-edge IT solutions that drive business transformation. We specialize in innovative technologies and customer-centric services, setting new standards in the IT industry.
Global eco-tourism network


Under the Meer Group umbrella, the Global Ecotourism Network champions sustainable travel, offering unique, eco-friendly experiences across the globe. Our commitment to environmental preservation and cultural respect redefines responsible tourism.
Tenex Consulting

Tenex Consulting, a strategic asset of the Meer Group, specializes in business strategy, turnaround, and scalability. We are dedicated to driving progress and transformative success for our clients, shaping the future of business excellence.
Tenex High Conviction Leadership

Tenex High Conviction Leadership, a distinguished part of Meer Group, champions growth, governance, and sustainability in leadership. We empower organizations with robust strategies for sustainable development and resilient governance, fostering a new era of progressive leadership.
Green Growth Fund


Within Meer Group’s Banking and Finance cluster, the Green Growth Fund leads the way in sustainable finance, specializing in carbon credit initiatives and green capital investments. Our focus is on funding environmentally responsible and sustainable growth for a greener future.
Neo Global Socio-Economic Forum (NEOSEF)


Part of Meer Group’s Banking and Finance cluster, the NeoGlobal Socio-Economic Forum (NEOSEF) is dedicated to shaping a sustainable and inclusive global economy. NEOSEF brings together thought leaders and innovators to address critical socio-economic challenges, fostering collaborative solutions for a better world.
Conservation and Biodervisity Alliance

As a vital part of Meer Group’s Banking and Finance cluster, the Conservation & Biodiversity Alliance champions the cause of environmental preservation. We are committed to promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable practices, investing in initiatives that protect our planet’s natural heritage.
BioSphere – Net Zero Trajectory


Within the Banking and Finance cluster of Meer Group, BioSphere – Net Zero Trajectory leads the charge in achieving a sustainable, net-zero future. Our initiative focuses on financing and supporting projects that significantly reduce carbon footprints, driving global progress towards environmental sustainability.
Spark Fund


Part of Meer Group’s Banking and Finance cluster, Spark Fund introduces a potent decentralized legal tender, revolutionizing transactions within a confined commercial ecosystem. This credible digital wealth, backed by a robust global commercial ecosystem, carries intrinsic asset value, heralding a new era of digital fiscal value and security.


IBTIKAR, a dynamic part of Meer Group’s Human Development cluster, stands as a pioneering Innovation Hub and Youth Development Enterprise. We are committed to nurturing innovation and facilitating comprehensive development, empowering the youth to become the architects of tomorrow.
Meer NeoVarsity (Career Academic Programs)


As a vital component of Meer Group’s Human Development cluster, Meer NeoVarsity is dedicated to shaping future leaders through career-focused academic programs. We provide comprehensive education and skills development, empowering individuals to excel in their chosen careers and contribute to society.
Sustainable Growth Career Hub (SGC Hub)


As an integral part of Meer Group’s Human Development cluster, the Sustainable Growth Career Hub (SGC Hub) is dedicated to nurturing future leaders. We provide comprehensive career development programs that empower individuals to thrive in sustainable and purpose-driven careers, driving positive change in the world.


Recognized Globally for Excellence

Shakeel Ahmed Meer’s remarkable contributions and leadership in the business world have garnered international recognition and accolades, establishing his status as a global business luminary.

Meer’s Vision Pakistan

Under ‘Empowering a Nation’s Future’, Shakeel Ahmed Meer commits to fostering sustainable development and economic empowerment throughout Pakistan. This vision aims to harness potential, inspire innovation, and uplift communities across the nation.

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Dive into ‘Meer Means Business’, a unique blend of insightful business acumen and engaging entertainment, crafted for visionaries and entrepreneurs alike.

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